Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who needs T.V. when we have T.G.I.?

I went to T.G.I. Fridays on Thursday with some of my coworkers.
While waiting outside for my ride home, two women came out for a smoke and a chat. My sister was on the phone and I was staring at my feet wondering how much second hand smoke I needed to inhale before my lungs disappeared. Soon the smoker's conversation got louder and I, being the nosy girl that I am, tuned in:

Lady smoker: I told him that I knew he had cheated on me and he wanted to know how i knew. At that point i had no idea what to tell him

Supportive but quiet friend: of course

Lady smoker: then he goes 'did Michelle tell you?' and I didn't say anything so he goes on to say, 'I didn't kiss her'


and that's when I punched him in the face.


icelandican said...


maxxo said...

who punched who?

i love overhearing other people's conversations, especially when they walk past you and you just catch a snippet ... something like: "yeh, and then my dog came out and bit him on the leg" ...

Anonymous said...


THE E said...

thats the thing that i miss about south the over heards portion on the newspaper it was always funny to read the stupid things high schiolers say on a daily basis- now we have to just open our ears up tpo the noises around us and then hope to catch a sense of humor--if ur in a crowd you should try this- you close your eyes and just listen to everyne saying everything all at once and then you break it up into voices in your head and when you open your eyes you can hear and see the conversations even from miles away its so amusing specialy when you dont want o hear what the person talking to you is saying... i dont do this enough

THE E said...

id just like to add that wheni type fast i misspell everything and when i type too slow i dont make sense so yeah oh and also you have a very interesting way of writing...its interesting ... your interesting...and weird but thats a whole other number :) jk <3

The Mighty Beluga said...

maxxo-i believe the smoker punched her ex boyfriend

the e- elaine? i know it's you.