Friday, August 17, 2007

She's a crafty one

I've always felt much older than I actually am- 86 to be exact. So in honor of the old lady in me- I decided to start crocheting. Thinking of all the hats and gloves and sweaters I could make made me feel very fuzzy! I spent a clueless hour in the craft store and finally picked up some blue and green yarn:

I don't know when Vanna White became a yarn spokesperson but hey, whatever spins her wheel of fortune...

I was unsure of what to make and it started off a bit stressful. My fingers weren't relaxed and I couldn't keep the yarn on that annoying little hook thing, but last night I couldn't sleep so I picked it up and-under the light of my bedside lamp- I became a crochet expert!

The perpetual motion of pulling loops through more loops is almost hypnotizing. Before I knew it, I had myself a surprisingly long scarf:

I'll probably add more color and make it thicker but I just wanted to show off a bit. I'm going out later and I don't know if I can resist leaving my creation at home. People wear scarves in the middle of August, right?


maxxo said...

brilliant. i myself have wanted to explore crocheting as i just love them little blankets you can get that old grannies make. i have three in my flat already, and my cat has grabbed them all. nice work - keep it up!

Amirah said...

my mom has crochet stuff lying around here somewhere... might give it a shot now that you have. XD and go ahead and FLAUNT your creation to the world; it's fall soon, just tell yourself you'll be ahead of everyone else. :]