Sunday, November 11, 2007

don't judge me

i have this terrible habit of obsessivly stalking/acquiring/listening/eating these things til i just can't anymore, and i forget about them forever. i just add to this list all the time. this list dates way back from age 7. right now, my current obsessions are cheesecake, david bowie, hyper death babies, double-stuffed oreos, kevin barnes, spectator shoes, skinny jeans, and toothpaste for dinner.

1. general hospital
2. herbs
3. spice girls
4. hyper death babies
5. wolves
6. coldplay
7. lord of the rings
8. orlando bloom
9. death cab for cutie
10. of montreal/ kevin barnes
11. harry potter
12. star wars
13. animorphs
14. the baby-sitters club
15. living on my own in the wilderness (inspired by julie of the wolves, brians winter, my side of the mountain)
16. fairies/elves
17. black clothing
18. johnny depp
19. double-stuffed oreos
20. horoscopes/dream-interpreting
21. writing in the elvish language invented by tolkein
22. the chronicles of narnia
23. thinking i could draw elves
24. cheesecake
25. pumpkin pie
26. bagels with grotesque amounts of cream cheese
27. toothpaste for dinner
28. swords/archery
29. hunting
30. the military
31. specific boys
32. ramen noodles
33. dooce
34. myspace/facebook
35. butterfly hairclips
36. anything by tamora pierce
37. eating weird plants that i read were edible
38. edward scissorhands
39. skinny jeans
40. david bowie
41. Junior from the band Junior Senior (this obsession was born about 15 minutes ago after watching a live youtube concert video. oh god.)
42. astronomy
43. bird-watching
44. whale-saving


maxxo said...

skinny jeans ... nooooooo!!

The Mighty Beluga said...

ah, they are awfully flattering and stylish. i apologize if my taste in trousers offends you!

Pixie said...

Oooh I can so go with that. At the moment my list consists of toffee crisps, sepia pens, note books, moleskin notebooks, wide legged jeans, tights (of course you know that) of all colours, flat pumps (of all colours) and red lipsticks (of all colours!!!! lol)

The Mighty Beluga said...

sepia pens! those sound fascinating. what on earth are those? please do tell.

Anonymous said...

faires/elves oh mon dieu