Saturday, November 10, 2007


my piano is terribly aging, so i asked my darling mother the other day to call a piano tuner to tune it for the first time since we bought it, which is a good ten years ago from a garage sale. i am aware that i deserve to be trampled by a rabid grand for waiting so long, but i am powerless to the whims of my flitting mind. well, her response was to tell me to call the piano tuner for the church that we visit sundays, and i asked her why she specifically chose that one. her response reminded me of why i still hang around with her.

"well, if he tunes the piano at the church, that means that he's a christian, so he wont overcharge us!"

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THE E said...

haha your moms a funny lady
shes one of those people that are funny and dont even realize it but then again so is te rest of ur family