Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a step short of idoltry

yesterday my parents had to go to my kid brothers parent-teacher conference, and when they came back my mothers eyes were wet. my brother is one of the rare little kids that's SOOPER sensitive, thoughtful, considerate, and just all-around pretty neat. she motioned me over and told me that his teacher told her that my brother managed to talk about me at least oh, about 76 times every day, and these comments have all come out of his mouth at some point or the other [during the morning announcements]:
"my sister is the smartest person in the world"
"my sister listens to the best music in the world"
"my sister knows everything"
"my sister is in high school"
"my sister is the best"
"my sister works at the vets"
"my sister is a TEENAGER"
"my sister is my best friend"
"i love my sister alot."

his teacher asked my mother how on earth she managed to make us get along. my mother shrugged, baffled, and told her to ask my brother. his teacher responded, "I did. and he said that it was very easy. to quote him: 'I just give her a hug and i love her alot and like the music that she does. she's my hero.' "

the way to my heart is clear.

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maxxo said...

that's proper cute. give the wee young fellow a BIG bag of sweets ...heh.