Sunday, June 1, 2008

HBO and childhood dreams

I should have stayed in studying. But hey, I don't need to go to college...

Friday: I watched SEX AND THE CITY. You should have seen the flocks of middle aged women! Since Danielle and I are too young for R-rated movies (especially one's with sex in the title!) we snuck in with a group of 40 year old suburban housewives. They were fabulous and I'm not just saying that.

I could make up excuses for seeing the movie but I'm not gonna lie*. I was entertained and that's what matters.

Saturday: Elaine came home for her birthday with some art school friends. She dyed her hair blue. HOW ORIGINAL. Art students never go through wacky experiments, riiiiight? I look forward to some piercings, tats and who knows, maybe she'll bring home a girlfriend. Just to try.

anecdote: While at the supermarket it started pouring rain. I mean huge balloon sized drops! People were hesitant to head to their cars and so they waited patiently for it to calm down. Since I like to pretend that I'm brave I convinced my mother to run for it. And we did. And while crossing the street my flip-flop fell off. And while running back to get it, my other flip-flop fell off.
"GODDAMMIT!" I yelled. The folks who waited laughed at me and I went wee wee wee all the way to the car...

Anyways it was also Princeton's graduation day so there were MAD alumni and live music in town. I went to Danielle's house to watch the fireworks from her front lawn and then we built a fort (inspiration) with David. I wished desperately to return to my childhood. Specifically age 8.

Sunday: Our friend Lalli had a surprise birthday party. I arrived late and thus missed out on the ambushing. It was cute. We napped in the grass; we ate ice cream cake; we went home with goody bags. Maybe my desire to be 8 again is coming true...

*Danielle, you can do the honors of discussing the ridiculousness of this expression.

Now my family is still over for Elaine's birth celebration so I have to entertain them. But Holy Hell my weekends have been surprisingly eventful I barely have time to absorb anything.


Mona said...

glad to hear somebody like SATC. i still have to go but i was trying to avoid the throngs of women...thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. i always love having new visitors. cheers! -m

Amirah said...

yay! nice to see you back :)