Saturday, June 7, 2008

the woes of womanhood

I'm watching the ending credits to National Treasure! I didn't see the movie but the credits seem nice.

Anyways Danielle and I took SAT II today. And then we bought crazy amounts of clothes. You know, to help deal with the stress of our impending future. Well something happened at the mall (that should not have happened for an entire week!) that I will not discuss. The point is: being a girl is not fun. Sure we wear dresses and look really pretty and produce babies but that's about all we've got going for us. So later when we went to her house to go swimming her dog (that bitch) pulled the string from my bikini top...let's just say I ran pretty quickly into the house and hopefully nobody saw my __PUPPIES**__ (readers: enter your own creative noun! Whoever's I like better I'll use...pretty interactive huh? contest over).

**yes i chose Danielle's word. Why? because I'm biased. Get over it.


The Mighty Beluga said...

PUPPIES. but really, it was too perfect. i'm just standing there dying while my doggy pulls the string and your top just falls off. what a day.

NYD said...

OK belly button is out 'cause you were wearin a bikini. That just leaves me with a rather active imaginaton and a coppertone image.

Thanks for dropping by Tobacco Road.

I am really happy that you like the pictures. I hope you will visit my other blog and get to know the folks there too.


Merry Magpie said...

There is always Cha-chas, that is one of my favorites. That is what my kids call them.

My 8 year old heard someone say cooter and kept saying it over and over. So maybe you should not listen to me..

Gery said...

cyborg implants?
no, wait...i've got it, FEMALE INTUITION

team charlie says "hey beluga"

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