Saturday, June 14, 2008

funny little frog (in my throat)

You know what's awful?

Yelling and yelling with no sound coming out.

Really, if there is this tiny little cat turd on the floor, and you're about to step on it, and I scream "BEWARE, POO!" but it ends up sounding like  "ehhhh, ehh!,"   are you really going to blame me when you step on it? 

Curse my weak immune system.


Amirah said...

I have a frog in my throat too. But it's not little. :(

I'm definitely applying to Columbia, Northwestern, Stanford and Hopkins. I plan to add another two or three to the list. I hope to major in something UN-y like international relations, history, economics or languages. Though, knowing me, this might change once I actually get to college. :) What about you?

The Mighty Beluga said...
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Anonymous said...


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