Sunday, June 29, 2008


SO what I'm about to reveal is actually a huge deal. Danielle and I have been friends since we hit puberty and we share just about everything. It's no secret that we've got some loose screws, but I've always gotten a kick out of being really goddamn sneaky about my ridiculousness. Luckily, my homemade cool has been keeping me from becoming a pariah ever since grade school.

One of the perks of being my best friend is seeing THE FACE. Whenever we are both in a social setting, sitting around with the boys, talking it up with the family I bust out THE FACE quick as lightning. This causes Danielle to burst into laughter and everyone else to think WTF.

Since Danielle is out of the state, and it's raining outside and I'm just BORED I decided to spill the sacred look out into the web.
Publicizing this antic will reveal:
1. if my friends will still accept me
2. if this is the only glue bonding me and Danielle
3. if anyone actually gives a damn
4. just how stupid we are

Fortunately for you, I'm willing to take those risks. So here it goes:


Polgara said...

Ha ha love it
Pol x

The Mighty Beluga said...

lolrus, you are hella lame ;)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


I like "the Face."

Thanks for your visit to Nick's Bytes and the comment on "pilling the cat." You are so right! I am at the moment "pilling" Alex once a day and I can also testify to the, uh, trauma.

Blessings to you, Beluga!

NYD said...

Thanks for the visits and the well wishes.

I am wondering how you kept a straight face while making the vid.

Stay cool.

Gery said...

face = mark of excellence. TEAM BELUGA, you've achieved excellence once again!!!

...proceed to level three.

Merry Magpie said...

That is the greatest thing about great friends. I have a friend that does this thing but if I told anyone she would know.. :) Have a great 4th..