Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lowriders out. Bike riders in

Check out the belt I purchased yesterday:

I couldn't find it in my colors but you can find it here.
Pretty cool huh?

Anyways today was the day of the AP play so I did nothing but hang out until it was my time to shine (I was an American soldier).
I learned two things that I hope will come in handy someday.
1) It is difficult to entertain unruly teenagers
2) It is easy to entertain nerdy teachers

This post was pointless, I just wanted to show off my belt.


The Mighty Beluga said...


Amirah said...

i'm taking my SAT on saturday too.. bllaaahhhhh

i'll find out how i did on my AS exams in about ten weeks when the grades get emailed to us. :/

maxxo said...

that. belt. is. a. bit. weird-o.

The Mighty Beluga said...

oh maxxo, you just don't know what COOL is!

jk it is goofy, but that's why i love it

Jon said...

i dont know who bought that but who ever did how come you never wear it any more eh?
ps. i'm really bored and i randomly decided to read your blog not bad to pretty entertaining.